An Unexpected Guest

On Martin Luther King day (January 15, 2007) rain that had been mixing with low temperatures all weekend finally turned to ice and snow and settled into Austin, Texas.


We woke to transformation. Trees, bushes, roofs, grass were all covered with clear ice and even a little snow!


Schools were closed an additional two and a half days following the Monday holiday. Bridges and overpasses were especially dangerous.

Ice Falls

Ice sculptures that would have seemed more in keeping with Upstate New York created a very unusual Austin landscape.


Janet diligently fed birds in the backyard. Birds typically eat all day during cold weather to stay warm through the night. During the storm we had to fill the feeders twice a day.

Rare Sights

Familiar sights, like our St. Francis among the rosemary, were transformed into the extraordinary- like fresh paint on old buildings.

Afternoon Excursions

Janet and I ventured about the neighborhood on two afternoons.

Slow Going

We had to really watch while we were out...

Worth the Effort

.. but the air was crisp and the crystallized Texan trees a wonder.

Civil Cooperation

The city told everyone to stay inside and keep warm. Janet and I happily complied. Many started to complain of cabin-fever - an ailment to which we seemed immune.